This page contains a sample of models contributed through for delivery in the Ancient Spaces client.

Image Gallery : Ancient North America and Peru

The images below and the videos to the right represent a work in progress as of August 2006, and we warmly invite visitors to let us know if you see an error or a desideratum in this content. Note that more recent screenshots and content can be found on the Ancient Spaces developers' blog.

Modelers: Matt Pater, Ilia Slobodov, and Tom Wu.
Portion of Machu Picchu, early August 2006

Image Gallery : Egypt and Rome (2005)

Modeler: Tony Seymour



The Parthenon - Preliminary Videos (Pilot Project, 2004)

Modelers: Matt Baumann, Brad Dixon
Image movieEntering the Parthenon (error noted: *West Pediment and East Pediment reversed)

The Acropolis of Athens - Realtime Videos (Pilot Project, 2004)

Modelers: Classical Studies 100 pilot group at UBC
The following links lead to realtime videos from the original student pilot project. Note: Mac OS X users will need to download VLC (free download) to view these movies.